ROSE QUARTZ - opens the heart to all types of love: love for yourself, love for your family, romantic love and love of everything on Earth. It helps to raise your self-esteem, restore confidence, and balance the emotions


DRUSE QUARTZ - able to expand energy from other crystals and work the feng shui of your home.Quartz crystals are known as the main healing crystals, as they are stones that can be used to work any condition.One of the main features of this crystal is the storage of information and so it is perfect for programming with a specific intention. They transform, transmute and expand energies, and help us tune our own energy so that we do not get lost in unnecessary distractions; so he is an excellent helper in meditation. If used in conjunction with stones that stimulate the Sahasrara (crown chakra) it expands the energy of the other stones thus helping to a greater concentration and entry into the meditative state.

Crystal quartz drusas are perfect for use in places in the house where there is a lot of movement because they clean the environment. Perfect to be put in the kitchen.




An aroma that awakens you to yourself, that makes you appreciate who you are.

Top notes: Lavender, Red Fruits

Middle notes: Lavender, Jasmin

Base notes: Sandalwood, Musk & Amber



Ylang Ylang means "the flower of flowers" in Malay. Its fragrance is voluptuous and exotic.

Known as an aphrodisiac oil, this essential oil works mainly for people who need self-love, which means that if an individual loves himself, respects himself and has his self-esteem up to date, he will consequently be noticed and desired.

It brings euphoria to the depressive, calms the anxious, frees and brings back self-love to those who have lost their self-esteem.

It is soothing, it treats anxiety, anger, shock and fear.

In perfume, its sweet, voluptuous and erotic fragrance can have an inhibiting and unblocking effect of passion. It is suitable for women and can help them find their femininity, confidence and sensuality.

Calms, animates, creates a sense of peace and helps self-expression of repressed inner feelings.





Feel the beauty Crystal candle


    Volume: 180 mL

    Hand crafted


    Once burned down any residual wax can be easily washed out with warm soapy water so you can reuse your jar.