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FEEL THE LOVE Collection

"Love is a miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives"

Louise Hay

Look inside you. Feel your heart. Sow everything he desires with great love. Take care, remove the stones, pull the weeds and don't be discouraged if at first they don't let this plant grow. Over and over again he takes care with great affection, increasing their energy. Get more strength in your purpose and make your decision more firm. Continue with your confident heart, knowing that in your path what you desire is flourishing and it will be so.


An aroma that warms our hearts, transports us to a cozy place

Top notes: lemon, grapefruit

Heart notes: white florals, watery jasmin, dewy rose, peach, coconut

Base notes: blonde woods, cedar, smooth amber, musk, vanilla


Palmarosa essential oil

Known as the essential oil of beauty and sensitivity. This is because it has a calming action and makes our attitudes towards life softer, more sensitive and loving. The essence of this oil awakens within us the noble values ​​of life such as kindness, sweetness, acceptance, compassion and companionship to be more human with each other.

Its floral aroma soothes and cheers, brings the feeling of being among the flowers in an immense garden. It sensitizes the being about the importance of cultivating self-love, internal and external beauty. Encourages kindness and care for the body by accepting it at all stages of life. It awakens unconditional love for ourselves and for others.

It creates a light and relaxed environment where love can blossom naturally. Helps to value friendship, loyalty and fidelity in relationships. Encourages the recognition and expression of the value of true friends.

It is great for calming strong emotions, raising self-esteem and overcoming hurts. It is very beneficial in treatments for stress, anxiety and nervous tension. Slightly aphrodisiac provides better sexual satisfaction for more tense people.