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"Undoubtedly the dream is for the spirit what sleep is for the body"

Friedrich Hebbel

Say goodbye to another day, empty your mind and calm your body. Smell the aroma and let yourself go.

Relax and travel a little through the world of dreams.

Feel the harmony of being at peace, trust the process of life, everything is correct in this process.

Tomorrow, when you wake up, you have the possibility to start over, to be the one you really are to write your story


A floral and musky accord with refreshing green notes

Top notes: citrus, galbanum

Heart notes: violet, orange blossom, lily, jasmine

Base notes: woods, amber, musk


Lavender essential oil

Floral, sweet and balsamic aroma, relaxing, soothing and calming.

It creates a peaceful, safe and conciliatory atmosphere, encouraging tenderness and lovingness.

Combats insecurity and lack of affection.

It is able to minimize symptoms of anxiety and depression, improves the quality of sleep which makes it excellent in insomnia treatments.

Promotes physical, mental and emotional relaxation.

Because it is soothing, it induces meditation, restores the harmony of the aura and helps to balance the chakras.




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