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FEEL THE JOY Collection

"When body, mind and soul are in harmony, happiness is the natural result"

 Deepak Chopra


Live every second of your life, doing your best and surrender with your five senses to be able to live everything intensely.

Feel your innocence, that confident innocence of children that makes them happy in every moment, knowing how to ask without fear what they need. It seeks to recover, remember, feel and clean that innocence and faces everything more cheerfully. Do not make a small obstacle a tragedy.

Try to observe everything around you and make every second of your life a song of thanks that fills your heart


A cheerful mood that makes us feel joy

Top notes: chocolate, mandarin & bergamot

Middle notes: jasmine, amber, lavender & lily

Base notes: musk & vanilla, caramel & sandalwood



Mandarin essential oil

Known as the essential oil of spontaneity.

It brings joy and relaxation to the environment, elevates the spirit and inspires. Ideal to be used to receive friends, promote meetings and family gatherings. Its citrus notes raise the energy of the environment and people while harmonizing.

Indicated for physical and mental exhaustion, it reduces the child irritation caused by tiredness. It gives lightness and restores good mood and rescues the connection with the playful.

Recommended for people who take themselves very seriously, who are young, but behave like old people.