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Hi, I am Élia.

I live in the countryside in a small village called Alte, in Portugal. I really enjoy living in the midts of nature and animals, and that is what brings me joy, peace and harmony.

I have been working for 18 years now in cosmetics area because I like beautiful and fragrant things, but what I really like to do is create and modify things, and candles is my great adventure, where I spend hours imaginating and creating.

I believe we should be surrounded by things, places and people that inspire us and make us feel special and happy.

Welcome to Pure Light Candles

Hope you like it.


Let me introduce my team

First, my travelling companion, who has always accompained and supported me in my adventures, and who always tells me not to give up my dreams. If they make me happy, it's to move on.

My beautiful animals that I just love more and more :)

We have Ruca, my shadow for so many years. His job is press for the rides and alert the rest of the pack.

Dani and  mother Cocas. Where there is one, it is the other too, and if, for some reason, one is and the other does not, when they find, they stay angry like big dogs.

Kitty, the independent black cat, who comes in from time to time to show the pack the boss is in the space.

Bob, the cousin's dog, is the funniest of dogs. He loves water, wooden sticks and plastic bottles. Bob always walks with something in his mouth and gives dives, whether it's hot or cold, it doesn't matter.

Pintas is always on the run in the bushes hopping to find little animals and loves to run after the birds that fly.

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