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"Learn to be simple and your life will also be simple"

Marta Cabeza



Smell the freshly washed clothes swaying in the summer breeze.

Now feel the soft touch of the breeze caressing your skin, it invites you to take a break. Wrapped in this soothing aroma, you remember a world so much simpler, a child's world. Remember to play pretend when you saw the clouds in the sky and imagined a whole story that was appearing and disappearing there, remember the magical rainbow that visited you after a rainy day, remember runs and hiding places in the middle of flower fields.

Remember and open your heart, find your spontaneous and natural simplicity.

When you behave with simplicity in your daily life, it will also change, becoming pleasant and smooth.


Top notes: white musk, refreshing notes of oranges and eucalyptus

Heart notes: seaweed, jasmine petals and mimosa

Base notes: aldehydes


Lavender essential oil

Floral, sweet and balsamic aroma, relaxing, soothing and calming.

It creates a peaceful, safe and conciliatory atmosphere, encouraging tenderness and lovingness.

Combats insecurity and lack of affection.

It is able to minimize symptoms of anxiety and depression, improves the quality of sleep which makes it excellent in insomnia treatments.

Promotes physical, mental and emotional relaxation.

Because it is soothing, it induces meditation, restores the harmony of the aura and helps to balance the chakras.