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Discover a universe of sensations with our fragrance collection. Each fragrance is a unique sensory journey, designed to engage your senses and transport you to a world of emotions and well-being. Explore the distinctive scents and discover the transformative power they can have in your life.

Feel the Peace
Let yourself be enveloped by a floral and musky harmony, accentuated by refreshing notes of citrus and galbanum. With lavender essential oil, this fragrance invites serenity and inner calm.

Feel the Simplicity
Awaken your essence with invigorating notes of white musk and fresh oranges, complemented by a soft blend of seaweed and jasmine petals. Surround yourself with a simple, refreshing scent, enhanced by lavender essential oil.

Feel the Beauty
Enhance your authenticity with this fragrance that celebrates your true essence. Notes of lavender and jasmine are accentuated by sandalwood and musk, while ylang ylang essential oil awakens your femininity and sensuality.

Feel the love
Let yourself be enveloped by a scent that warms the heart, with citrus touches of lemon and grapefruit, combined with the softness of white flowers and the sweetness of coconut. With palmarosa essential oil, this fragrance promotes self-love and self-acceptance.

Feel the Magic
Explore a soft and creamy floral blend, enhanced by bergamot and apple, and deepened by patchouli and sandalwood. With bergamot essential oil, this fragrance awakens the magic that resides within you.

Feel the Joy
Awaken your spirits with a cheerful scent that combines notes of chocolate, mandarin and bergamot with the softness of jasmine and the warmth of musk. With mandarin essential oil, this fragrance brings a feeling of joy and well-being.

Feel the Silence
Explore the tranquillity of an enchanted forest, with refreshing notes of bergamot and lemon peel, enveloped by the softness of balsam and cashmere woods. With pine essential oil, this fragrance invites you to find peace and serenity.

Feel the Power
Awaken your inner strength with this powerful fragrance, which combines notes of bergamot, geranium and lavender with the depth of sandalwood and patchouli. With patchouli essential oil, this fragrance reminds you of your unlimited potential.






Want to know more about each scent and the philosophy behind them? Continue your journey below, where you'll find more detailed explanations and discover how each fragrance can inspire and transform your life.

Discover the scent that resonates most with you and let yourself be enveloped by a unique sensory experience. After all, each fragrance is an expression of your deepest and most authentic self.


Let yourself be enveloped by a gentle breeze of tranquillity. Awaken your senses and surrender to the present moment.

In this universe of aromas, find the serenity you're looking for. Close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by the soft notes that dance in the air.

Let this scent transport you to a state of fulfilment, where anxiety dissipates and serenity blossoms.


A floral and musky accord with refreshing green notes

Top notes: citrus, galbanum

Heart notes: violet, orange blossom, lily, jasmine

Base notes: woods, amber, musk

Lavender essential oil

Floral, sweet and balsamic aroma, relaxing, soothing and calming.

It creates a peaceful, safe and conciliatory atmosphere, encouraging tenderness and lovingness.

Combats insecurity and lack of affection.

It is able to minimize symptoms of anxiety and depression, improves the quality of sleep which makes it excellent in insomnia treatments.

Promotes physical, mental and emotional relaxation.

Because it is soothing, it induces meditation, restores the harmony of the aura and helps to balance the chakras.



Let yourself be carried away by the sweetness of simple moments. Close your eyes and let yourself feel the soft scent that hangs in the air, like a warm embrace from nature.

In this world of simplicity, each note is a reminder of sunny days and gentle breezes.

Emerge from this moment renewed, with a light heart and a clear mind.

Feel the Simplicity. Let yourself be guided by the beauty of small moments



Top notes: white musk, refreshing notes of oranges and eucalyptus

Heart notes: seaweed, jasmine petals and mimosa

Base notes: aldehydes

Lavender essential oil

Floral, sweet and balsamic aroma, relaxing, soothing and calming.

It creates a peaceful, safe and conciliatory atmosphere, encouraging tenderness and lovingness.

Combats insecurity and lack of affection.

It is able to minimize symptoms of anxiety and depression, improves the quality of sleep which makes it excellent in insomnia treatments.

Promotes physical, mental and emotional relaxation.

Because it is soothing, it induces meditation, restores the harmony of the aura and helps to balance the chakras.



Discover the beauty that surrounds you, in an aroma that awakens your senses to a world of enchantment and pleasure

Emerge from this experience renewed, with your senses sharpened and your spirit uplifted.

Feel the beauty. Let yourself be carried away by the magic of the senses


An aroma that awakens you to yourself, that makes you appreciate who you are.

Top notes: lavender, red fruits

Middle notes: lavender, jasmin

Base notes: sandalwood, musk & amber

Ylang ylang essential oil

Ylang Ylang means "the flower of flowers" in Malay. Its fragrance is voluptuous and exotic.

Known as an aphrodisiac oil, this essential oil works mainly for people who need self-love, which means that if an individual loves himself, respects himself and has his self-esteem up to date, he will consequently be noticed and desired.

It brings euphoria to the depressive, calms the anxious, frees and brings back self-love to those who have lost their self-esteem.

It is soothing, it treats anxiety, anger, shock and fear.

In perfume, its sweet, voluptuous and erotic fragrance can have an inhibiting and unblocking effect of passion. It is suitable for women and can help them find their femininity, confidence and sensuality.

Calms, animates, creates a sense of peace and helps self-expression of repressed inner feelings.



Explore the depths of your heart and discover the magic that love has to offer.

Look inside yourself and allow yourself to feel the essence of love that resides in every beat of your heart.

Care for it lovingly, removing any obstacles that might prevent it from flourishing. Even if the seeds of love don't seem to germinate at first, continue to nurture them with gratitude and love. With every gesture of care, strengthen your resolve and the certainty that what you desire is blossoming in your path.

Keep your heart confident, because you know that the fulfilment of your deepest desires for love is on your path, and so it will be.

Allow love to bloom within you, in an aroma that warms the heart and soothes the soul.

Let this aroma envelop you in an aura of unconditional love, where every breath is an expression of gratitude and tenderness.



An aroma that warms our hearts, transports us to a cozy place

Top notes: lemon, grapefruit

Heart notes: white florals, watery jasmin, dewy rose, peach, coconut

Base notes: blonde woods, cedar, smooth amber, musk, vanilla

Palmarosa essential oil

Known as the essential oil of beauty and sensitivity. This is because it has a calming action and makes our attitudes towards life softer, more sensitive and loving. The essence of this oil awakens within us the noble values ​​of life such as kindness, sweetness, acceptance, compassion and companionship to be more human with each other.

Its floral aroma soothes and cheers, brings the feeling of being among the flowers in an immense garden. It sensitizes the being about the importance of cultivating self-love, internal and external beauty. Encourages kindness and care for the body by accepting it at all stages of life. It awakens unconditional love for ourselves and for others.

It creates a light and relaxed environment where love can blossom naturally. Helps to value friendship, loyalty and fidelity in relationships. Encourages the recognition and expression of the value of true friends.

It is great for calming strong emotions, raising self-esteem and overcoming hurts. It is very beneficial in treatments for stress, anxiety and nervous tension. Slightly aphrodisiac provides better sexual satisfaction for more tense people.



Let yourself be enveloped by the magic that hangs in the air, in a fragrance that awakens your senses to a world of wonders.

Imagine tiny drops of sun shining on the petals of a flower, reflecting the splendour of a rainy day. Can you feel the rebirth, the renewal in the air?

This is the magic that is all around you, in the subtle details that make life extraordinary. Allow yourself to be captivated by the beauty around you.

Let this soft, delicate scent light up your day, dispelling insecurity and anxiety, bringing a sense of tranquillity and peace.

Feel the Magic. Let yourself be carried away by the wonder of the senses.


A soft, smooth and creamy floral blend
Top notes: bergamot and apple
Heart notes: lily and rose
Base notes: vanilla, patchouli, sandalwood & musk

Bergamot essential oil

The scent of Bergamot acts like a ray of sunlight, dissipating insecurity and anxiety.
Its aroma is soft and delicate, soothing and tranquilizer.
Balances emotions by awakening the tranquility necessary for emotional healing.
It raises morale, lightens the shadows of the mind, releasing feelings of fear, vulnerability, shyness and rejection.
Eliminates negativity and attracts positivity, promoting self-acceptance.
The bergamot EO will brighten the heart, dissolve guilt bringing self-love, confidence and self-acceptance.


Navigate life's moments with total surrender, letting joy be the natural reflection of your inner harmony.

Live each moment with the fullness of your senses, immersing yourself deeply in the experience of being alive.

Remember the trusting innocence of children, who find joy in every little moment of life. Recover that purity of spirit, allowing it to guide you towards a lighter, more joyful view of the world around you. Face challenges with an open mind, turning obstacles into opportunities for growth.

Open your eyes to the beauty that surrounds you and fill your heart with gratitude for every breath, for every experience that life offers you.


A cheerful mood that makes us feel joy

Top notes: chocolate, mandarin & bergamot

Middle notes: jasmine, amber, lavender & lily

Base notes: musk & vanilla, caramel & sandalwood

Mandarin essential oil

Known as the essential oil of spontaneity.

It brings joy and relaxation to the environment, elevates the spirit and inspires. Ideal to be used to receive friends, promote meetings and family gatherings. Its citrus notes raise the energy of the environment and people while harmonizing.

Indicated for physical and mental exhaustion, it reduces the child irritation caused by tiredness. It gives lightness and restores good mood and rescues the connection with the playful.

Recommended for people who take themselves very seriously, who are young, but behave like old people.



Let yourself be enveloped by the stillness, where the soft murmurs of the soul reveal mysteries to you.’

Embrace the silence and allow it to guide you on an inner journey, where the mind finds rest and energy flows freely through your being.

Stroll through the forest and surrender to the soft sounds that surround you. Listen to the whisper of the wind between the branches of the trees, the rustle of the leaves dancing to the rhythm of the breeze, the trill of the birds playing in the air, and the peaceful flow of the water between the stones of the stream.

The quieter you become, the more clearly you can hear.

Let the silence calm your mind and allow your soul to reveal its deepest secrets.


Walk through an enchanted and fresh forest.

Top notes: bergamot, wild flower, black currant, lemon peel

Heart notes: balm, cashmere woods, tonka

Base notes: pine, white cedar, oak moss, fir needle, musk


Pine essential oil

It is the essential oil of welcoming

The woody aroma takes us to the forests, bringing us the feeling of being outdoors and close to nature. Pine trees were one of the first plant specimens of terrestrial life with strong and developed wood. observed the coming and going of humanity through the ages. Silent and unforgiving, they only witnessed our ephemeral passage between them. In the middle of a pine forest we can experience our oneness with nature and the ephemerality of life, bringing the feeling back home and original welcome. This aroma teaches us that non-judgment, love and generosity of the spirit are immortal and that they remain forever in the hearts of all beings, despite changes.

It helps to eliminate the grief and sadness of the environments, encourages the welcoming and the brotherhood. It helps people to feel more comfortable by eliminating sadness and regret from the surroundings. It offers invigorating effects, both on the body and the mind.

It can help to relieve physical and mental fatigue, as well as improve focus, attention and memory. Encourages positive feelings while increasing self-confidence. As such, it helps in relieving symptoms of depression



Awaken your inner strength and find the power that resides within you, where nothing is impossible.’

Leave behind everything that no longer serves you, everything that no longer truly belongs to you.

Free your mind, your heart and your space from everything that weighs you down and tires you out, and move forward with light baggage towards the new, towards what makes you grow and renew.

Walk with determination in search of what you're looking for, without looking back and without fear of what you might lose.

Discover your inner power, that place inside you where limits disappear and all possibilities become real.



A scent with white musk and amber that reminds us of how powerful we are

Top notes: bergamot, geranium and lavender

Heart notes: lavender, jasmine, lily & amber

Base notes: sandalwood, vanilla, musk & patchouli

Patchouli essential oil

Its musky aroma reduces emotional anxiety It has a stimulating action on the central nervous system, is indicated in cases of nervous depression, unusual sleepiness, lack of courage, anxiety and depression. Stimulates and strengthens the sense of idealism and self-esteem, the search for goals and dreams. It brings the feeling of courage and daring to try to do it differently.

Creates space for adventures and new paths

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