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naturally simple

Welcome to Purelightcandles



Invitation to a break ...


... silence, peace, tranquility, harmony, happiness, contact with nature, simplicity ...


... are words and feelings that bring us well-being



This is our wish ...


 ... offer you special moments, moments of self connection and with nature ...  


 ... time to listen and discover yourself ...


... the knowledge that you are unique and special



Our candles are made by hand, in small quantities, and each one will always be unique ...

We use soy wax and, in some products, a mixture with other natural waxes

We use natural aromatic oils in combination with essential oils. Thus, we are able to take you to magical places while giving you the benefits that only aromatherapy can give you.


This is our offer for you and Mother Nature.

Unique products, made with natural and sustainable materials, which can be recycled or reused, and which combine beauty and well-being.


Here we can meet every day, share and talk
Use the #purelightcandles hastag to share the photos of your candles with me. I will love to see my / your candles in your house


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