INCI: Helichrysum

This aromatic plant, also known as evergreen, grows in dry and rocky terrain and is in the flowers where all its active ingredients are concentrated. It is a medicinal plant with great regenerating, healing and analgesic activity. Among the perpetual sands stand out the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory. You can benefit from it through teas, tinctures or macerations by applying them to your home cosmetics.



Helichrysum derives from two Greek words meaning sun and gold, due to the color of its floral chapters. It has a strong aroma in its leaves. It is a perennial herbaceous plant. Butchers are woody at their base and can reach a height of 60 cm or even more. The flowers are hermaphrodite (have male and female organs) and are pollinated by insects. They have a bright yellow color. Flowers appear from April to May, preserving their color even after collection and are generally used in flower arrangements of dried flowers. Helicriso flowers are native to the Mediterranean basin, contain flavonoids and essential oils that are used to treat skin problems such as dermatoses and allergies.

Topical use.

Perpetual sands dry flower