PediSilk Aqualight for smooth and beautiful feet quickly and easily, is an electric file that eliminates calluses and roughness of the feet in dry or wet skin, to obtain professional results in seconds.

PediSilk Aqualight works gently and effectively for a smooth, visible and long-lasting effect.


- Water resistant: thanks to its special design that prevents infiltrations inside the device, it can be used in a dry environment or under water

- Led light: to illuminate the area to be filed and achieve a perfect result

- Ergonomic shape with a handle that adapts to the hand for a more comfortable use. Light and soft to the touch, it allows you to easily reach all skin contours

- Two rotation speeds for better adaptation to different areas of the foot (higher intensity for heels and very hard surfaces and lower intensity for areas with normal and/or sensitive skin)

- Files with state-of-the-art Nanomineral technology, available in 2 degrees of roughness: medium and extra

- 1-hour rechargeable lithium battery (includes USB-compatible charger)

- Easy to clean as you can quickly wash the entire device under water


Includes: electric file, medium roughness file, USB power adapter, USB compatible battery charger, protective cover and carrying case.

PediSilk Aqualight Electric file