Our beauty set in green tones for those who want to relax and take care of themselves.


This set includes:

- 1 Candle Feel the Beauty (you can choose normal version or candle with crystals) (180 mL)

- 1 Green quartz roller

- 1 Shea bath salts with jasmine and rose flowers (50 gr)

- 1 Book - You were born to take care of yourself by Sónia Brito (portuguese language)



We live in times when information has become noise and when the individual has become selfish. It is at times like these that it becomes necessary to stop, understand and change attitudes and gestures. The experience of over ten years as an astrologer, aura reader and Reiki master allows Sónia Brito to know the world of spirituality and esoterism like few others in Portugal. And now all this knowledge can be yours. A book that reveals itself as a true holistic roadmap through areas as diverse as reading the chakras, meditation or the laws of the Universe, going through the importance of female empowerment and the practice of Reiki, always with the same principle: the secret to a life more complete and happier goes through the discovery of what each one of us has to offer. You are special and there is no one like you. But you are the one who needs to see and feel it.

Green Beauty Set

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