This aroma diffuser uses the ultrasonic waves to instantly vaporize water and essencial oil in the tank, to produce a cool, fresh fragrant mist.


Flavour the whole house with a few fragrant drops of your favorite scent.

It can be used with essential oils and aromatic oils.


Attention: add to the water just two to three drops of your chosen aromatic oil or essential oil (don't use more because it can damage the product)


Changes color, ranging from 8 different shades or you can keep in one color or without any


It can be used at night like a lamp



Electric Aroma Diffuser (Wave)

  • Capacity: 250 mL

    Product size: 168 mm D X 96 mm H

    Working Mode: 60mins/120 mins/ 180mins/ON

    Output Power: 12W

    Rated Voltagee: AC 100-240V /DC24V

    Ultrasonic rate: 2.4MHz

    Product list: Product, Power adaptor, Measuring cup, User manual